Friendly, chilled bar with venue/ function room at the back. Main area quite accessible including toilet, function room less so. Wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks. Did can be brought in from the van outside. I am not a wheelchair user, but did visit Thirsty on behalf of someone who is.


I am not a wheelchair user, but did visit Thirsty on behalf of someone who is. The bar area itself is accessible with only a slight (1") ledge to cope with. The staff seemed friendly and willing to help with my questions. The drinks have to be taken from a set of fridges by the customer and paid for at the (quite tall) bar. If you're in a wheelchair, you'd probably need to ask for help, especially for top shelf drinks. Payment is by wireless card reader, so they could pass that to you. The difficulty looks to be with getting to the function room at the back. It's all single level, and they tell me that wheelchair users have been through, but it's quite a narrow corridor, with right angle turns. My friend who uses a powered chair thought they would not be able to get past. If performing, it might be possible to arrange to enter via the alley and fire exit at the back, but we didn't try this. People do seem to bring dogs, so I'm sure guide dogs would be especially welcome.

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The toilet is unisex, fairly large, and accessible-looking with bars by the toilet, low sink and dryer.


Friendly, keen to help and advise.

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