Access Cambridge Wiki

The JCR is up 2 flights of stairs. Step free access can be accessed by going into Pearl House through the central stairway using the lift there and then going through one of the accommodation corridors, this route requires key card access and keys for Pearl House corridors (usually will require a 1st year) Believe there is a small lip when entering the room, and doorways are quite narrow.

Seating: There are a small number of standard seats with backs available and a table, there are also a couple of sofa style seating options and some padded stools. there is also beanbag style seating available.

Toilets: There are non-accessible toilets available by going into the accommodation areas, there is an accessible toilet on the ground floor of pearl house, this again requires going through multiple accomodation corridoor. So people without Pearl House keys will need to be accompanied.

When busy this space can get very loud and can also be quite crowded, when there are no events it is a generally quiet location.