Access Cambridge Wiki

The bar is split across 2 levels, with the bar on the lower level and an overlooking floor above. the bottom floor leads out to the fountain. The stairs between the two floors are very narrow and tight and are quite steep, they do feature a handrail. the top floor is on the ground floor of the college and can be accessed directly through the door, this door is quite narrow and heavy. The lower floor which features the bar itself can be accessed by the stairs within the bar, it can also be accessed by using the main stairways (these stairways feature stairs which are less steep, there is also a lift avaiable in one of the staircases.) this allows the bar to be accessed from the ground floor, this door is once again quite narrow.

From the lower floor there is access to fountain court, this area can often serve as a quieter spot than the rest of the bar, and features a small number of unpadded outdoor seats with tables. this area is all surrounded by, or over water, and there are some gaps between flooring tiles leaving small gaps which need to be stepped over.

The bar itself is of a standard bar height with high stools for seating. the majority of the seating within the bar is high metal stools with a very small back and quite narrow seat areas. there are a small number of low padded stools none of which have backs, there is also a small sofa. on the top floor, there are some more standard height padded seats.

both floors of the bar lead out to main corridors which feature toilets. This includes an accessible toilet and gender neutral toilets on the lower floor.

When there are events on the bar can get quite noisy and it can feel quite hard to leave due to the narrow nature of the doorways and the staircases, the upper floor is generally a lot less crowded than the lower floor.