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Step free access via a lift, with padded chairs. Quite a small space. Nearest accessible and gender neutral toilets are quite far away.

The lift up in King’s is rather small. It is small lengthways and widthways. It’s located behind the buttery and accessed via a side route. If you are in a powerchair let the event organiser know the dimensions of your chair to make sure that you can fit. Fully accessible toilets are on the floor below.

Examples of the size of the lift:

A standard Quickie Tango just about fits, with footrests removed, and seat untilted. Your legs will be tucked under the chair and your knees will be touching the back wall. If you have a bag on the back of your chair you will need to remove it.

An Invacare Storm only fits with footrests removed, sidelights removed, and with legs tucked up onto the seat.

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