Hall Building has the following rooms:

Downstairs: Cafe Bar, JCR (Walter Grave Room), De Smith Room, Old Senior Common Room (SCR), Dining Hall/ Buttery [Canteen]

Upstairs (via stairs, lift): Gaskoin Room, Upper Hall 1, Upper Hall 2, Reddaway Room

Hall Building has 4 entrances for students: East, South, West and via JCR (Walter Grave Room). East entrance is step free, South has 3 steps or a lift, West 2 steps, JCR 2 steps plus key card. There are 2 steps between the Old SCR and the rest of the ground floor of Hall Building.

Map of Hall Building with the 4 entrances marked:

Hall building map

Map image text:

West entrance: Level access to Old SCR only, 2 steps to any other facility

JCR entrance: 2 steps and college key card required

East entrance: Level access to all of Hall Building except Old SCR

South entrance: Access to cafe bar via 3 steps or via lift (secondary route). Access to rest of ground floor via 3 steps or lift (not Old SCR). Access to upstairs via lift or 20 steps with handrails on both sides.

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