Access Cambridge Wiki

Let's Make Cambridge More Accessible![]

Want to know how accessible a location is, e.g. for event planning? Already know and want to help others? Welcome to the wiki!

The list of locations already on the wiki can be found here.

How to Contribute[]

Using the Cambridge SU Access Statement Generator create a page for a location you know the access info of, or have a previous access statement for. Feel free to edit any page's access info if you know it to be outdated or incorrect. You may wish to consult the Building Access Guide provided by the Disability Resource Centre, though some information may be out of date. Include only long-term information, e.g. building features, not event-specific information, e.g. availability of an interpreter.

If you add a new page, you can make it show up on All pages by adding the name of the college (or University, Public, or Misc as appropriate) the room is in to the categories for that page. If you're not sure how to edit wikis, have a look at the help pages here: Creating a new page and Formatting pages. If it's not working, email the Cambridge SU DSO with your contribution, or post in the Disabled Access Working Group on Facebook!

Please remember to add descriptions to any images!