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Information taken from ADC Access page on 24/4/19. See also Corpus Playroom (ADC Theatre).

The ADC Theatre is fully wheelchair accessible and the auditorium is fitted with an infra-red audio system

When you arrive at the ADC Theatre, there are power assisted doors to the Box Office. In the foyer there is a lift which leads up to the bar and auditorium. The accessible toilet is located on the ground floor across the foyer. 

The ADC Theatre is conveniently located near the Park Street Car Park, which has 7 disabled parking bays.

If you are booking a wheelchair seat in the ADC auditorium for the first time, please call the Box Office on 01223 300085 or email We will then alter the permissions of your ADC account so that you can access the wheelchair seats on our website when you book in the future. 

Complimentary tickets are available for full-time carers.

Both the ADC Theatre and Corpus Playroom are fitted with an infra-red audio system designed to help deaf and hard of hearing patrons. If you are using the system for the first time, please arrive early and seek advice from our Front of House team.

Assistance dogs are welcome in both of our venues. Please call the Box Office or email the above address when booking to ensure you are seated appropriately.

We regret that the Corpus Playroom is not currently wheelchair accessible. The building and its surroundings provide many challenges which are not easily addressed for a variety of technical and regulatory reasons. The ADC Management Team is working closely with Corpus Christi College to improve the access of the Playroom and hopes to find a solution in the near future. Edit

Backstage Edit

The backstage areas of the ADC Theatre are wheelchair accessible. There is ramped access to the student clubroom and a platform lift to stage. The lighting and sound boxes unfortunately cannot be accessed by non-ambulant users. However, the lighting and sound desks can be relocated to the auditorium and wings to allow use. If you would like to get involved in these aspects of theatre, but are concerned about access, please email for more information.

ADC Bar Edit

This is on the first floor. When you arrive at the ADC Theatre, there are power assisted doors to the Box Office. In the foyer there is a lift which leads up to the bar and auditorium. There are two sets of doors between the lift and the bar.

The bar itself has a portion at a lower height allowing wheelchair users access for ordering drinks. A portion of the bar floor area is raised with a step, but most of it is single level.

The accessible toilet is located on the ground floor across the foyer.

Larkum Studio Edit

You can ask at the front desk (box office) and they can let you through (if it's open). Accessible toilet on ground floor in foyer. You might need help opening doors to use the lift if you take the yard route. There is a walker available at the theatre for actors’ use if required.

There are two routes up to the Larkum Studio which is on the first floor. One is via the foyer of the theatre in the lift. The ADC main doors are accessible via an automatic button on the right. Take the lift up to the 1st floor (No Camcard needed). The lift door will open on the opposite side of the lift and you can wheel straight out. Turn left out of the lift. There is a single fire door to go through, then the Larkum studio is the first door on your right.

The other route is if the foyer is not open, it is via the yard. This is not a route that is accessible to a wheelchair user independently as there is a heavy unwieldy door, but with someone to hold the door, it’s ok. Go into the yard. The black gate to the yard may be closed so check with the Box Office or whoever is organising the event you're attending to make sure it will be opened. There is a white door to the left next to the window to the office. Unlock this door with your camcard. If the door doesn’t open then the deadlock is on - call the ADC office or your event organiser. Open the white door, and while holding it open, press the call button for the lift, which is immediately behind the white door. Go to the 1st floor, the lift doors that you just wheeled through will open again and you can reverse out. Go through the fire door on your right (if you reversed out and are facing the lift) and the Larkum is the first door on your right. 

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